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Phase II Leadership Team

A major strength of this project is the diverse and experienced team of STEM professionals and educators that have agreed to serve on the project.

Dr. Cynthia Callard (Math Education), Director of the Center for Professional Development and Education Reform at the Warner School of Education (Center hereafter), will direct and oversee all project activities as the PI, a role she has played in Phase I since 2012. An experienced math teacher and professional development provider, Callard will also be the lead facilitator of the Leadership Seminars and responsible for all math education components of the project.

Co-PI Dr. April Luehmann (Science Education), director of Warner’s science teacher preparation program and an established science education researcher, will be responsible for the science education components of the project and co-sponsoring Ed.D. dissertations. Dr. Luehmann has secondary STEM teaching experience as well as expertise in both education and STEM content, as she obtained a combined Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering and Science Education from the University of Michigan.

Co-PI Dr. Raffaella Borasi (Math Education and Online Learning), Dean of the Warner School of Education and a mathematics educator with extensive experience in directing NSF-funded projects, will have primary responsibility for coordinating and staffing all the Warner courses taken by the Fellows as well as co-teaching the new course on online learning and co-sponsoring Ed.D. dissertations. As dean, she is also in a unique position to effectively coordinate the complex staffing and cost-sharing required for this project.

Co-PIs Dr. Wendi Heinzelman (Engineering) and Dr. Carl Mueller (Mathematics), both research STEM faculty with prior experience working on NSF-funded education projects, will play the role of STEM content advisors throughout the project. This will involve co-designing activities aimed at deepening the Fellows’ content knowledge in Leadership Seminars and other professional development, participating in selected events in their role as scientists, serving as liaison with UR STEM departments to capitalize on other faculty expertise, and more generally contributing their expertise as STEM researchers.

Michael Occhino, a former 22-year veteran science teacher in the Rochester City School District, Director of Science Education Outreach in the Center and a project leader in transitioning RCSD’s School No. 3 into a STEM magnet school, will play the role of Project Coordinator coordinating partner relations and the logistics of all project activities, as well as co-facilitating the Leadership Seminars, and coordinating science professional learning activities.

Stephanie Martin, co-Director of Math Education Outreach in the Center, will also co-facilitate the Leadership Seminar, support math professional learning activities and serve as coordinator for the math mentors. Martin is a former elementary teacher with 14 years of experience, now providing professional development and consulting services to local schools, and is also currently serving as co-PI in the CELLS project.·