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Fellows’ Projects

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Summer STEM Camp

This summer camp will foreground the integration of mathematics and science in an informal space where fellows can try out newer and reform-minded practices in a safe, low-stakes environment.  Fellows work in pairs or triads to plan and implement a weeklong integrated STEM camp within the Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) or Seneca Park Zoo.  The idea is to focus on integrated STEM concepts.  Click the link below to find out about the camps our fellows designed.  

Problem of Practice

Fellows will undertake a sustained focus on a problem of practice in their local teaching contexts.  Fellows will develop a depth of understanding of their problem and articulate how to effectively study it.  Support will be provided to help the fellows disseminate what was learned.  Fellows can choose to create a chapter in the Noyce MTF STEM Problems of Practice Handbook or present at a local or national professional conference.  More…

Fellows' Blog

This Blog is a space for our fellows to share their voices about the program.  You can expect to find out about their experiences in the program, teaching resources, or other information they deem important for becoming leaders in education.  

Digitally Rich Lessons

Instructional Units