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Phase I Fellows

Meet our Phase 1 Fellows:

LaShara Evans

Tracey Farmer

Chris Mundorff

Rose Richman

Denise Schultz


Denise Shultz

 My name is Denise Schultz and I was part of the first cohort of NOYCE Fellows at the Warner School of Education.  I had an amazing experience that included working with highly respected and well-known leaders in math education.  Through this experience I was able to successfully lead two exciting projects; one involved bringing a traveling Math Carnival to the RSMC that ended up impacting over three thousand RCSD students and connecting over 100 teachers to RIT math professors who helped explain the mathematics behind the carnival games and puzzles.  The other fully funded project was equally exciting and rewarding.  Thanks to my own growth and experiences through this program, I have gone on to facilitate numerous professional learning opportunities for district math teachers and have presented at several local and state level conferences.   The NOYCE Fellowship has deepened my understanding of what good teaching and learning consists of and has strengthened my own efforts as an instructional math coach for the Rochester City School District.

Kevin Westrich

Fayne Winter

Joyce Akwaa

Michael Calzi

Sean Coffey

Wendy Ferris

Duane Hanselman

Peter Calenda

Orlando Marrero

Logan Newman

Debra Ortenzi

Kristine Schultz

Corey Skinner